The Parenting Oxygen Mask

oxygen mask, me time, relaxation, breathe, deep breathing, meditate If you have been on an airplane and have actually listened to the safety instructions you know what to do if cabin pressure drops and the oxygen mask is required.  First you put on your own mask and then you help others.  Why should you go first? Two obvious reasons come to mind.  First, a child companion would be more likely to put on an oxygen mask if they see a parent role model it.  Second, logic tells us that we have to be able to breathe in order to help someone else breathe!

Parenting is no different.  In order to be less stressed and more effective, parents have to find their oxygen mask, put it on, and keep it on.  Follow this fundamental step, and you'll be sending a steady stream of oxygen to recharge your spirit.  How would this benefit you?  How would a stronger “you” benefit your family?

Whether you choose a rigorous work out, read a book, light a candle and meditate, or watch a funny sitcom, carve out a small portion of your day to have your solitary "me time".  What’s a small portion?  How about 30 minutes?  Yes.  You can!  

 Allow yourself to look forward to this time in your day and revel in it when you get there.  The mindset that accompanies your chosen activity is what makes the critical difference.  Carefully choose something that feels good deep down in your soul and luxuriate in it.  Once you’ve chosen your activity, pick a time of day in which you can accomplish it.  Then, like Nike says, “Just Do It!”  And, remember L’Oreal’s slogan?  It says “Because I’m worth it!”  Combine those and you have “Just do it Because I'm Worth it!

What do you think?  How can you honor your job, your family, and everything else, and still honor yourself?  How will you spend your “me time?”  Please share your ideas in our comments section.