Parenting Like a Pansy!

Typically, when Atlanta gets snow, it is minimal and melts within a day.  This past January we got five inches topped with a solid half inch of ice.  Global warming temperatures were not ours to have and Mother Nature’s wrath stayed with us for a week.  With only 11 snow plows, Atlanta was paralyzed and its residents were sequestered indoors.  Shouts of joy could be heard from every child who had the week off from school.

Fast forward 10 days.  The sun was out and nearly all the snow was gone.  I stepped out on to my front porch and marveled at the pansies I planted last fall.  After being squashed with heavy snow and ice, they bounced back to stand tall as they reached for the warm rays of the sun.  I felt immensely inspired. This strength is what I fancy in all my roles but particularly as a parent.  How could I be a role model of resilience for my son?

Now, most of us think of think of the word pansy as an adjective to describe a weak person.  I opt to see it as a very resilient flower.  Though the definitions are unofficial and rather loose, I point them out because they can depict the contrasting choice we all have.   As for how this inspires me in parenting, I ask myself “do I want to be a role model that is weak or strong?”  Yes, we all have to choose here because we are role models whether we want to be or not.

 For me one example of being strong means doing what I know to be right instead of what is easy and convenient.  A good example would be talking on my cell phone while driving.  It is easy, convenient, and as the kids say “everybody else is doing it”.  I pledge not to do it because I don’t want my son to do it.  He is about 10 months away from obtaining his driver’s license and driving solo.  If I have even a shred of hope that he’ll drive safely, I know that I have to be an example.  I have to practice what I preach and yes… keep my fingers crossed too.

I’m not sure who deserves credit for it, but I love the quote “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. 

I’m standing tall like a resilient pansy!

Please leave a comment and inspire us with a story of how you stood strong as a parent or how you pledge to.