How do Parents & Kids Celebrate Valentine's Day without Gifts?

[swfobj src=""] We’re just days away from Valentine’s Day.  If I see one more Pajama-gram commercial, I might just heave.  Retailers have us believing that the day is solely about gift giving instead of the deeper meaning of love.  Are marketing messages telling adults and kids that love comes more from a store and less from the heart?   Sure, love can be expressed with a gift but does it have to be a material one? With the exception of a card, the Valentine rule in our household is “no store bought gifts”.   Dare to spend twice the usual price on flowers, and you’ll spend a night in the doghouse!  Our celebration of St. Valentine’s legacy includes an extra special home cooked meal and participation in a mandatory roundtable discussion which includes sharing three characteristic we value in each other.   The teen rolls his eyes but when it’s his turn to revel in what is said about his positive characteristics, a “thank you” is on the tongue and family love is in the air!

So, this week’s blog ends with a simple question.  What non material traditions do you use to convey love in your family?  C'mon, share the love!