A Senator, The State of The Union Address, and a Parenting Idea

The State of the Union address is scheduled for Tuesday January 25th and if you haven’t already heard, a new, “never been done before” idea is buzzing about it.  Proposed by Senator Mark Udall, the idea is to blur party lines and promote unity by asking Independent, Democrat, and Republican members to sit amongst each other.  As you know, the traditional format of being divided by “the aisle” represents division of ideas and often support. Will this idea be adopted and will it work to ease party tensions?  Moreover, what does it have to with parenting?  Okay… I realize it is a loose connection, but the “sit together” idea reminded me of a discussion on a long lost parenting forum. One mother asked how she could keep her three school aged daughters from fighting with each other when separating them wasn’t an option.  Another mother answered brilliantly and I only wish I knew her name so I could thank her personally for the idea.  She said she managed her own children’s skirmishes by making them sit in a circle and hold hands for 10 minutes.  They weren’t allowed to talk so they made mean faces at each other until inevitably, they burst out laughing.  Problem solved… at least temporarily.

Well, while this idea is fun for kids, I’m not sure we can make our political leaders discover unity by holding hands, though it could be helpful start to keep animosity at bay.   What say you dear reader?  Did your parents use techniques to help you get along with your siblings?  If you’re a parent what strategies do you use with your own kids?  We’d love to hear your stories!

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