Choose The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Tis the Season of gift giving and I have a magnificent idea for you to consider gifting to everyone on your list. 

Kiva is a micro-loan organization whose mission is to “alleviate poverty around the world”.  The way they work is by allowing people like us to lend a maximum of $25.00 to any entrepreneur of our choice.  Yes, we actually get to choose the person from anywhere in the world.  We can read their bio and find out how they plan to use the loan.  If their concept resonates with our value system, we can lend.  If not, we just search for someone else.  There is no shortage of dedicated individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard for their success.  No hand out seeking, moochers here!  Once the entrepreneur has successfully reached their goal, they pay us back in full.  When the funds are replenished in our Kiva account, we can lend again to a new entrepreneur.  Imagine the repeated good karma we can create with one simple deposit of $25.00!

You can find Kiva at   At the top of the page is a link for gifts.  You can email or print out gift certificates for anyone during the Holiday season or at any time of year. 

Well since I’m a parenting coach, and an advocate for kids, I’ve got to relate this to both.  I believe that parents who give their kids a Kiva micro-loan are creating a great opportunity in which they can teach their kids about lending, charity, and personal responsibility.  What’s more is that our loans to entrepreneurs around the world create stronger individuals who might be parents too.  In most cases, a parent’s business success will afford better care and education for their children.  When we help a parent to strand strong, we are helping their kids take their parents example in standing strong.   Like I said, a Kiva gift certificate is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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