How Parents and Kids Can Overcome Doubt, Criticism, and Failure

Who dares to doubt you or your children? Who dares to criticize you and call you a “failure”? Is it your boss, your child’s teacher or coach, a friend or relative who labels you in a way that stops you from being your best? Worst of all, are you stopping yourself because you actually believe them and allow that little voice in your own head to say “I can’t, I’m not good enough”? Please watch this very short video and consider implementing these easy steps to believe in yourself and have your children do the same.


1. Write down what inspired you from watching the video. 2. List 3 of your own outstanding qualities. Then ask yourself how you can use these qualities in this coming week to function at your best… no matter what anyone else says! 3. Choose a positive, inspiring word or name that you can use to replace a negative thought or belief whenever it pops up in your head. You tell that voice in your head who’s the boss! 4. Keep a journal to document your successes. Read them whenever you want to feel inspired. 5. Ask someone to be your partner and support each other. This step is particularly fun to share with your kids. Children can benefit from seeing “reality” through their parents. So consider sharing a self doubt coupled with a plan of how you will overcome it. Then ask your kids to do the same. Help each other to stay accountable and celebrate success together !

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