An Inspiring Little Halloween Poem

This week’s blog is short and sweet

It’s about how kids teach us to stay upbeat.

Think about how they behave at Halloween

There’s an inspiring lesson we can glean.

During trick-or-treat rounds, kids go house to house

Occasionally however, they come across a louse! 

This louse is the one who isn’t around

Dark house, with no candy at all to be found.

“So what” say the kids!  There are plenty more.

Houses have candy!  For that we are sure!

No need for us to stop and whine.

There is hope indeed.  Everything will be fine.

The next house has lights and plenty of sweets

We must, we will indeed have our treats"!

So the kids run with joy to knock on the next door

Incredible dedication their minds and hearts do pour.

The goal is candy, no matter what

No dark houses as obstacles … no “ifs, ands, or buts”!

So how can we take this lesson and learn

To stay upbeat at all of life’s turns?

It doesn’t matter if one house is dark,

We must persevere and make our mark.

Kids teach us to stay focused on our goal

Ignore the dark houses and you’ll be on a roll.

There’s one more idea before I close

We’re almost done with this whimsical prose.

At Halloween it is easy for kids to excite

But what happens when it is homework night?

When their mood is down and their motivation is ill

Remind them that they possess an incredible skill.

Focus and dedication that motivated them on Halloween

If resurrected will render the best success they've seen.

Good luck to all as you pursue your goals

This I say from my heart and my soul!