Why Good Parents Choose Coaching

You the reader are a good parent.  The fact that you took the time to click on and read this segment tells me that you have a curiosity to learn more about parenting.  If you are open to tweaking, enriching, or even rebuilding your strengths and strategies, then, congratulations, you have passed the first test of being “coachable”. Imagine you were competing in the Olympics in the category of Best Parent.  Would “good” be good enough to win gold, silver or even bronze?  Not a chance!  If you wanted to be an Olympic winner, you wouldn’t settle for good, you would pursue being the absolute best.  You would do anything conceivable to improve your parenting strengths.  You would practice every day and have a coach feed your motivation and hold you accountable to achieve results.

A parenting coach is very much like an Olympic personal trainer who builds your parenting strengths and holds you accountable to do what you promise to do, so that your parenting goals are attained with wild success not to mention the endorsements.  No… Nike and Coke are not going to pay you!!  I’m talking about the endorsements you get from family, friends, teachers and community members who highly value children who have turned out academically, emotionally, and socially successful because of outstanding parenting.  A parenting coach can actually help parents to apply very specific research proven skills that help children to grow up authentically successful and happy because of whom they are as opposed to what they have.

Every parent is different.  Values, priorities, and family dynamics vary.  Parent coaching takes this into account and creates plans of actions that are personalized just for you.

Most parents say they would do anything for their kids.  Where would you begin?  What would be the cost of not beginning?

Perhaps you find yourself turning into your mother or father and not only exercising their good parenting techniques, but the ones you swore you would “never” do to your kids.  How will you recognize and break those patterns?

Many parents read “how to” books and attend seminars that tell them what they “should” be doing for their kids.  Turning this advice in to a successful plan of action can challenge even creative parents who aren’t sure how to make strategies work for each of their unique children.  To complicate matters, parents find it difficult to be consistent and frequently “fall off the wagon” giving up their efforts as well as their desired result.

Divorced parents and even married ones whose styles and priorities immensely differ often find that coaching will provide solutions for cooperative success.

Some parents find that if they just have some time to take care of themselves and squeeze in some of their own fun, that they can care better for their family.  This is exceedingly important!  It’s no wonder that airline flight attendants tell parents to put their own oxygen air mask on first, and then assist their child.  If you are struggling to breathe, how on earth will you be able to help your kids?  Not only does coaching give you permission to take time for yourself, it will actually help you devise a plan of action and hold you accountable to achieve it every single week.  Time for yourself will also help you manage stress and create work / life balance.  Your newfound peace of mind is essential in creating the family life of your dreams.The above examples may or may not be your priority.  Whatever your goals are, a Certified Coach, trained by an accredited school, and following a strict code of ethics mandated by the International Coach Federation will help.  

What have you got to lose?  You are a good parent who has everything it takes to be a winner.  Like Nike says, “Just Do It”.