Ball's... in your court

 Have you heard the saying “the ball is in your court”?  What does that mean to you? For me it refers to the kinds of balls that get thrown on to my court every single day in the game of life!  Some balls are positive while others pose a challenge.  Many of them require us to make some type of a decision.  How you react to and then deal with the balls in your court is what makes or mars your peace of mind and daily success. 


Let’s take a small but common example.  You are merrily driving down the interstate minding your driving manners as you hum to your favorite i-tune.  Out of nowhere a crazed soccer mom cuts into your path with no warning. She’s incapable of using her turn signal because she has one hand on the wheel and is wielding a cell phone in the other. You slam on your brakes to avoid a collision and which of the following do you do next?


 A.  Curse profusely, honk your horn for an eternity, and think about this violation from morning till evening telling everyone you know how you were disrespected and wronged by a lunatic driver who should have her license revoked.


B.   Curse profusely… perhaps honk your horn as a warning, and then let it go without any further thought.


C.  Disregard the cutoff as just “one of those drivers” and go on your merry way, humming happily until you reach your destination.


What was your answer? 


If you picked C, kudos to you!  You have a skill that likely brings you peace of mind on the road and off!   How effectively do you apply this skill in other challenging parts of your life?  Would you be willing to share some of your secrets in our community forum?


If you picked B, you display a reaction of anger that most people express.  Anger is normal.  What is important however is that you control your anger so that it doesn’t control you.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if done effectively, imagine the peace of mind that you could gain.  How would more peace of mind be of benefit to you and those around you?


That brings us to answer C.  If you answered here, not only has the crazed soccer mom cut you off on the road, she has cut you off from having a peaceful if not downright joyous day!  Your decisions to react with anger and then repeating the story to everyone you know prolongs your angry experience and suffocates your opportunities to maintain peace of mind or enjoy your day.  Sure, it was soccer mom’s fault for cutting you off, but she’s driven away and you are allowing the ball she put in your court to generate dissatisfaction with its each and every bounce!  How can you stop bouncing that ball?


In the coming week, think about the balls in your court.  Who put them there? 

Are you taking them too personally?

How does each ball make you react?

What personal effort can you make to keep bouncing the positive balls and get rid of the challenging ones? 

How will you hold yourself up to this task so that you ensure your own peace of mind?


As you contemplate these questions, realize that you constantly hold an incredible power.  The power of choice!  No matter what balls are in your court, you can choose to deal with them effectively. 


I named my company On The Ball Coaching because whether we like it or not, in the game of life, the ball is always in our court. Blaming others for putting it there doesn’t solve anything.  If we use our power of choice to deal with it effectively, we can ensure our own peace of mind and happiness.


Be happy!